About Us

Proactive Shopper was launched in early 2017 to pay homage to some of the most recent electronics we have ever seen in our lives. 

Our products range from a wide of cellphone accessories for both adult and children. 

We are incredibly proud tell you that we are the home of the Innovative Mobile Device accessories. Everything you need to dress your mobile device is carefully sought.

We were inspired by the influx of mobile devices and the need people to still wanted to cake control of their situation  without the inconvenience of how they will care of  their mobile devices.

We knew there had to be a solution

And so, after scouring the globe we come up with this one stop shop for proactive shoppers, shoppers who  are always ready and ahead of things. People who do not wait for things to happen before taking action.

We stock only world class selected items.

Email us info@proactiveshopper.com